Local Boot Camp

Jamie Johnson wants you! She is leading boot camps in neighboring Capitol View at Perkerson Park,  770 Deckner Avenue, on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. Jamie is a certified personal trainer and knows a little bit about getting in shape – she lost 92 pounds herself!

Check out her page on trainersvault.com for more information and a schedule. Classes are an incredibly reasonable $10!

iSWAT Development Day on September 20th

Keep-It-Local-Logo-ConceptsAre you a resident of Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, Pittsburgh or one of the other surrounding neighborhoods? Then this day is for you! On September 20th, a variety of restaurateurs, developers, and entrepreneurs will tour southwest Atlanta. They will meet at 884 Murphy Ave at 9am and head out from there. The purpose of this bus tour is to welcome the visitors into our community, visit multiple sites, introduce them to residents and inspire them to invest their businesses in our iSWAT neighbor-hoods. They will be shown many areas that are prime for redevelopment.

From now until September 15th, please take the iSWAT survey to give your views on what you like and would like to see in SouthWest Atlanta.

Murphy’s Triangle Update from Councilperson Shepherd

This was received from Councilperson Shepherd in reference to zoning changes in Murphy’s Triangle.


Many updates have been made in terms of the Murphy’s Triangle zoning. Since draft conditions were not ready for the July 9th ZRB meeting, Councilmember Sheperd would like to give the community MORE time to read over the proposed conditions.

 A NEW draft can be seen here – Draft Murphy Triangle District Conditions 07 10 2012. The REDLINE version shows changes proposed by the City of Atlanta Planning and Law department. Some of the proposed conditions weren’t allowable by City Code or state law. Other rationale has also been outlined.

Please read the attached draft and feel free to forward.

A special ZRB meeting will be held on August 23rd, 2012 to ensure that members of the community have a chance to provide input to the Murphy’s Triangle zoning recommendations.

The new timeline for community input is as follows:

  • July 17th; 6:00pm; Place TBD

A community meeting is to be held by Councilmember Sheperd to get all final comments on the draft conditions as edited and reviewed by the Office of Planning

  • July 19th; 7:00pm; NPU S Meeting

The NPU S community will have the opportunity to formally vote on these changes

  • August 13th; 7:00pm; NPU X Meeting

The NPU X community will have the opportunity to formally vote on these changes

  • August 23rd; Special ZRB Meeting (Zoning Review Board)

A special ZRB meeting will be held to discuss this issue for a formal vote

Please review the changes and plan to attend the July 17th to speak about the NEW draft as proposed.

The City of Atlanta will also have a formal response on the two parcels/businesses that had requested to be excluded from these rezoning efforts.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Office of Councilmember Joyce M Sheperd.

Joyce M. Sheperd
Councilmember District 12
Atlanta City Council

Murphy’s Triangle Details

Murphy's Triangle
Click to enlarge

For those that don’t know, Murphy’s Triangle is a large plot of land that borders Adair Park, Capitol View, Sylvan Hills and Oakland City. This area is one of the six areas targeted by the Atlanta Beltline as an economic development area. It is currently zoned I2 (heavy industrial) and the desire by City Councilperson Joyce Sheperd is to move it to I1. This is a departure from the eventual desired Mixed Use, but that is still in the eventual plans further down the road.

Why is this important? One, this borders Adair Park. Two, the affected NPUs are voting on this in their next meetings. Ours will be July 9th at the next NPU-V meeting. That is unfortunate, since due to the holiday our next Adair Park Today meeting is not until July 10th. So, adding as much information as I can here and asking that you read through it and attend the NPU-V meeting if possible. The meeting will be held in Adair Park.

Here is a post from Capitol View’s website about the move. It seems as though the move to I-1-C will keep a lot of the types of businesses we want out (junkyards, landfills, waste handling, etc.) and allow for retail, restaurants, etc. It will also lower the decibel level for businesses and help keep some of the historic buildings. Not to mention, Pirkle Recycling, the owners of the metal scrap heap seen from Metropolitan near RDA, owns over 20 acres back there. We don’t need another junkyard!

Here are four documents that provide more information:

  • map of the affected area
  • guide for some of the conditions proposed with the move from I2 to I1
  • Pages one and two of conditions proposed by NPU-S and Oakland City

If you have any further questions, please contact Jay Melton at president@adairpark.com. If I can’t answer your question, I will find someone that can!

Beltline Urban Farm Cleanup Saturday May 5th

Beltline CleanupAdair Park is pitching in with Capitol View and the Beltline to do some more cleaning of the urban farm property on Allene Avenue just south of the intersection at Catherine Street. The last cleanup was great, but since they have a dumpster leftover, why not clean a little more? This project is going to help Adair Park out in so many ways. Come on out from 9am to 12pm!

Read a Beltline blog post about the previous cleanup, and here is some more information on the urban farm itself. Thanks again to Fred Yalouris for coming to our meeting on Tuesday to discuss this great project! Also, if you haven’t been on the trail that starts at Catherine Street and Allene Avenue, here is a blog post about the southwest section of the trail, including a video shot from that intersection.

House in the Park at Perkerson Park

Perkerson Park in Capitol View (770 Deckner Ave), just to the south of Adair Park, is hosting a house music festival on Sunday, September 4th from noon-8pm. This is an annual festival features deep house music, afrobeat and soul classics. Attendance is expected to be over 1000 people and is open to the public and FREE! There are no alcoholic beverages in the park. Feel free to bring your lawn chairs, grills and other items to hang out and enjoy the sun before Labor Day. There is a vendor area, so be sure to bring some cash. There will not be food vendors, so bring your own vittles. Hope to see you there!

Click this image to show the flyer full size

For more information, visit their website at www.ramonrawsoul.com. If you go out the back of the neighborhood, head south on Allene Avenue and you will run directly into Perkerson Park, a little under a mile from Catherine Street and Allene Avenue.

What a great, free way to spend your Sunday afternoon just a short walk from our neighborhood. Stay tuned to this section of the website for more upcoming and fun events.

New restaurant in SW Atlanta from Chef Paul Luna?

Chef Paul LunaYou may or may not know Chef Paul Luna, but he has been a presence in Atlanta restaurants for years. From his first opening with Luna Si to the popular Eclipse de Luna and Loca Luna, he has been introducing new dishes to a multitude of Atlanta diners for quite some time. In 2010 he opened Lunacy Black Market on Mitchell Street to rave reviews.

883 Dill AveThis time, Chef Luna is eyeing a new location to the intersection of Sylvan Road and Dill Avenue in neighboring Capitol View. You can view the flyer for this venture here. He is hosting two meetings February 22nd from 12pm-2pm and from 6pm-8pm to talk to local residents about what they want out of their neighborhood businesses.

We need to do everything we can to support this venture in Capitol View, as hopefully this interest in Southwest Atlanta will carry over into Adair Park. Not to mention it is just a few blocks from our southern end. Please attend if you can and bring some neighbors to support Chef Luna and give him feedback about what we want to see business and restaurant wise in our local area!