Bonnie Brae Workday THURSDAY! (6/16)

Please join the Parks Committee this Thursday, June 16th from 5PM – 7PM in Bonnie Brae Park for a workday!

We need volunteers to help us cleanup trash, weed, and remove some large bushes. Come with gloves ready to work!


Want to lead your own cleanup? We need volunteers!

Please email us letting us know if you are willing to lead a cleanup for one or more of the following locations between June 20 and August 30. If so, please send your preferred location and TWO dates (primary and rain date), and 2-hour time slot for the cleanup. Leaders will receive bags, grabbers, gloves, sanitizer, snacks and volunteer list and be the point of contact on the day of the cleanup.

  • Murphy (between Brookline & RDA)
  • North AP: Tift, Oakhill, Lillian, Gillette, Hugh, Lowndes & Shelton

Please note that there will be a cleanup scheduled for Adair Park I on September 23rd to prepare for Porches and Pies on September 24th. If you would like to lead that specific cleanup, please let us know. [parks@adminadairpark]

Cleanups Scheduled:

  • Bonnie Brae – Elise – 6/16 – 5PM – 7PM
  • Middle AP (Brookline, Elbert, Pearce, Allene & Bonnie Brae) – Cece Page – 6/22 – 5PM – 7PM
  • Bonnie Brae Paint Project – Claire Collar – 7/9 – 8AM – 11AM
  • Adair Park II – Kevin Fink – 7/9- 12PM – 2PM
  • Adair Park I – Tiffany Chen – 7/16 – 9AM – 11AM
  • South AP: Catherine, Mayland, University & Lexington – Katie Maxwell – 7/28 – 6PM – 7PM
  • Metropolitan (between University & RDA) – Katie Maxwell – 8/21 – 9AM – 10AM

Adair Park Photo Session Fundraiser – FREE Shoot

Get beautiful photos with your loved ones at this hidden treasure of a park – your session will automatically raise money for Adair Park!

Book your FREE 30 minute personal photo shoot.

You’ll be assigned a photographer from our hand-picked team of friendly, talented pros.

Social distancing friendly! Attend your photo session – your photographer will wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance at all times.

Your digital gallery of 40+ photos will be available in 3-5 business days after your shoot. Pay only for the pics you love, with no minimum order size!

  • $30 per photo
  • $15 per photo with purchases of 10+ photos + 1 retouched photos
  • $15 per photo with purchases of 20+ photos + 2 retouched photos
  • Full gallery: $295 for your entire gallery + 2 retouched photos

2022 Parks Survey

Important insight on green spaces and parks

Hello Park Friends,

This is to share that our 2022 Parks Survey is live! We would very much appreciate your feedback. This survey allows us to gain important insights and prioritize projects in our greenspaces and parks. It also helps us identify new volunteers and project leads to sustain the work.

We have several important questions on the survey, including feedback that Watershed Management needs to move forward on the AP1 Rain Garden Refresh and potential blacktop removal; renaming ideas for AP1 and AP2, and much more!

Please take time between now and April 15th to share your responses. Also if you can help get the word out/disseminate to neighbors we would be very appreciative! To that end, a graphic you may share is attached. 

Very best,


Elise Blasingame, Parks Chair

Adair Park Today

Muscogee Park at Brookline Triangle

Between January and February, neighbors were invited to submit feedback on the proposed new design for Brookline Triangle Park. Thanks to a grant from the Transformation Alliance, the park will be renovated with new seating, plantings and educational components recognizing this land as the ancestral homelands of the Muscogee Nation.

“As a neighborhood dedicated to racial justice, it’s important that we honor the fact that Atlanta, including Adair Park, and much of Georgia rests on lands that the Muscogee Nation stewarded and were forcibly removed from,” shared Elise Blasingame, Parks Chair. The Parks Committee and the Muscogee Nation have worked closely to design elements that will honor the culture and legacy of the Muscogee Nation, which is now based on reservation land in Oklahoma. Representatives from the Muscogee Nation will be with us during the April Adair Park Today meeting to discuss the meaning behind elements selected for the park. Any questions can be sent to

Porches & Pies Festival Returns, Presented by MET Atlanta

Atlanta’s first and favorite (and only!) pie festival is back on Saturday, September 24, from 12-5 p.m. The event is free, and includes family and kids activities, a pie bake-off and tasting, artist market, and more.

Calling all Atlanta Bakers

The bake-off is open to pastry chefs and home cooks presenting sweet and savory pies.

Entry fees start at $10 and both home bakers and professional pastry chefs can visit for details and to enter.

Pies entered in the bake-off will be judged by Chris Taylor and Paul Arguin, authors of The New Pie: Modern Techniques for the Classic American Dessert. Taylor and Arguin are winners of more than 500 baking awards (including the 2017 Best of Show Award at the National Pie Championships). Additional judges will be announced throughout the year.

2022 APT Officer Election Results

Greetings neighbors,

I’d like to express the appreciation of the Board for your patience. It has been our goal from the beginning to conduct an efficient and transparent election process. With so many changes rapidly happening in the neighborhood, we wanted to make certain our process was fair and accessible to all voting members. 

There was some concern expressed over the eligibility of the candidates. Those concerns were taken seriously and were thoroughly examined by unbiased board members. We feel confident about the conclusion and a process that made sure each vote was protected and counted. The bylaws successfully guided us through a fair and democratic process.

With that said, please find below the official results of the 2022 Adair Park Today elections!

–Durand Bailey, APT Vice President/Acting President

  • President……………….Lawrence Miller
  • Vice President………..Michelle Marcus
  • Communications……Durand Bailey
  • Treasurer………………..Kevin Fink
  • Secretary………………..Matt Garbett
  • Parliamentarian………Vacant

APT Board Nominations for 2022

Here are the current nominees for Adair Park officers 2022!

President – Nakita Robinson 
Vice President – Michelle Marcus
Treasure – Kevin Sink
Secretary – Matt Garbett
Communications Officer – Durand Bailey
Parliamentarian – vacant 

These positions are to be voted on in our December meeting on 12/07/2021

Check Out the AP1 Playground Renderings

Hello Neighbors! The team working to renovate the playground in AP1 has posted the renderings from the groups that submitted proposals in the small covered bench area by the playground during the last few weeks. The feedback they got was very helpful, and it seems this is the general rendering people liked the best. It has a large playscape for big kids, a smaller one for toddlers, a swing set bay and some shade elements to keep the playscapes cooler. We are exploring color options to fit the AP colors if possible. If you have feedback or questions, please email us at

Image of two play structures, one for young children and one for older children, with rails, slides, and climbing equipment, and set of four swings.
View of Both Play Structures and Swings
View of play structures showing slides, climbing steps, and twisted ladders for older children, and slides and playhouse for young children.
Close-up of Play Structures

Adair Park Neighbor Gives Virtual Tour of Westside BeltLine Trail

We can’t think of a better tour guide to showcase the stretch of Atlanta BeltLine that passes through Adair Park! Meet our neighbor Angel Luis Poventud in this fun tour of the the Westside Trail from University Ave. to the Lawton St. Bridge. Along the way, you’ll see the incredible art we enjoy every day & some of our Porches and Pies festival sponsors like Monday Night Garage, Golda Kombucha, and FiNCA TO FiLTER at Wild Heaven.