Porches and Pies Festival Update

Our annual community event, Porches and Pies festival, is being planned for Saturday, Oct. 10. We are monitoring the evolving circumstances created by Covid-19. As we continue to plan for a fun, safe event, we will follow all CDC and public health guidelines, and update partners and attendees of any changes to the event.

Up to date information will continue to be shared at our monthly meetings and porchesandpies.com. If you have any questions, please email Alyssa Thys at events@adairpark.com. Thank you for your support!


Porches and Pies Planning Committee

Open Positions: Safety and Communications

Adair Park Today needs volunteers to support our efforts, particularly in communicating on behalf of the organization and leading our public safety intitiatives. Whether you are interested in volunteering on a committee, or leading one, we need you! Details on each role is excerpted from our bylaws. Reach out to Lawrence Miller, president of Adair Park Today, with your interest in volunteering.

Communications Coordinator

The Communications Coordinator will create all official communications and public relations internal and external to Adair Park Today, Inc. A Communications Coordinator shall:

  1. Manage and send official correspondence on behalf of Adair Park Today, Inc. as requested by the President.
  2. Assist the Recording Secretary of the Corporation and serve in the position of Recording Secretary in his/her absence.
  3. Manage updates on the Adair Park Today website.
  4. Create and manage distribution of the neighborhood newsletter.

Pubic Safety Committee:

The Public Safety committee will maintain dialogue and partner with the Atlanta Police Department to enable reduction of crime and vagrancy in Adair Park.
1. Committee members will determine the tasks and projects achievable during the year, and may maintain a Neighborhood Watch program as resources allow.
2. Committee members will identify and implement pedestrian safety projects such as traffic calming, crosswalks, signage, or speed monitoring.
3. Other duties may include: acquiring Neighborhood Watch signage; organizing public safety activities such as National Night Out, and communicating updates about or participating in CourtWatch.

Not ready to lead? We still need committee members!

Reach out to Lawrence Miller, president of Adair Park Today, with your interest in volunteering.

Neighbors: We need you!

All Adair Park neighbors are invited to come have their photograph taken by artist Jamani Chavis. The photos will be displayed in the Pittsburgh Yards development at 352 University Ave. 

Saturday, Jan. 25 from 9 – 11 a.m
Bonnie Brae Park

The art installation will feature residents from across NPU-V. We need YOU to make sure Adair Park’s people and personality is reflected in this exhibit!

How to Prepare: JUST BE YOU!

Come as you are! Don’t fret about dressing up, just grab your family (or a neighbor!) and stop by for a photo! Please spread the word to our senior neighbors who may not be connected to Adair Park Today online. 

Curbed: In Adair Park, a rescued Atlanta school and the birth of affordable ‘art-force housing’

As a Capitol View resident of nearly 20 years, Neda Abghari has often ventured into nearby Adair Park, gazed upon the Academic Gothic architecture of George W. Adair School, and wondered what it used to be, below the surface, on a deeper level than classroom education.

Built in 1912, the school was the community’s central hub for decades, a relic of a time before school cafeterias, when kids were sent home for lunch each day, laughing, teasing, chasing each other en route. The school closed about 45 years ago, as surrounding neighborhoods tumbled into blight, and the building functioned as central offices and meeting space for Atlanta Public Schools until the roof sprung leaks in the 1990s—an issue that six layers of tarps failed to resolve. Abghari’s visits to the old school in its most exposed, dank, and weather-ravaged state were disheartening. Read more >

Bearings Bike Shop Featured on 11 Alive

britney king quoteV2_1487607488674_8552010_ver1.0ADAIR PARK – This is a story about what happens when you say “Yes.”

‘Yes’ instead of “It’s not my place,” or “It’s not my business,” or “It’s not my problem.”

In this case the yeses came from a couple who just wanted a cute house for not a lot of money. “It was an inexpensive house that we could afford to buy.”

Becky and Tim O’Mara sit on their front porch. The porch was what sealed the deal on their affordable fixer upper in the middle of Adair Park.

Read more and see the video >