2021 Neighborhood Cleanup Schedule

Do you like to see our neighborhood looking clean, tidy, and free of trash? You can help keep it that way by participating in a neighborhood cleanup event! Please see the event schedule for 2021 below, and watch our Facebook page for additional details.

Sign up Now for the Future Community Garden!

The Adair Park parks committee is working with the city to (re-)establish a community garden in the neighborhood! A Community Garden Steering Committee has now been formed. If you want to be kept in the loop, please request to be added to the Community Garden Google Group (https://groups.google.com/u/1/g/adair-park-community-garden)

February Meeting Follow-Up

Hi Neighbors! After our packed meeting on Tuesday, Adair Park Today has several items to report on.

The most discussed vote of the meeting, regarding the accessory structure at Academy Lofts, passed 43 to 12 in favor of supporting the variance. There is an Urban Design Commission (UDC) meeting on February 10, 2021 at 4:00 pm – we expect this variance to be discussed there although it is not on the agenda document. Please view the agenda for virtual participation instructions.

We also want to make sure that everyone is up to date on membership. If you believe that you have a 2021 membership in Adair Park Today, please check our updated membership list to make sure your name appears correctly. If you are a business owner and not a property owner or resident, make sure that your membership appears under the business name. Contact treasurer@adairpark.com to address any issues.

You can find the meeting minutes from our February 2nd meeting here. As always, please review these to stay informed and prepared for future meetings!

Review plans for Academy Lofts accessory structure

Greetings neighbors! At our February 2nd meeting, we will review and vote on a proposed variance to allow the Academy Lofts property (the former Adair School building) to construct “an accessory structure used for covered outdoor seating” to be located behind the main building, adjacent to the sidewalk on Catherine St. The outdoor seating will be for a planned coffee shop on the site.

Please review the attached documents showing the variance application, proposed design of the structure, and the overall site plans for the property (which differ from what currently exists). These documents are linked below. However, please note that we are expecting revised documents on Monday, February 1st, which will be posted here when received.

If you have comments on the proposal, please be prepared to make a brief comment at the Adair Park Today meeting on the 2nd, or email your comments to the Historic Preservation and Code Enforcement committee at code@adairpark.com.

UPDATED Design Proposal
Accessory Structure Design Proposal
Site Plan
Urban Design Commission (UDC) Application

Adair Park Housing Relief Fund goes live – donate now!

Adair Park Today is introducing the Adair Park Housing Relief Fund, a community-led crowd fund aimed at preventing displacement and curbing the economic effects of COVID-19 in the neighborhood. Adair Park residents experiencing financial hardship will be able to apply directly to the Fund for aid, and we know our community near and far will step up to support them.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation and spreading the word to family and friends – it could be the difference in preventing the next eviction or foreclosure. Thank you for your neighborly support! https://www.gofundme.com/f/adair-park-housing-relief-fund


Community leaders have questions for Atlanta’s next police chief

JLawrence Miller, President, Adair Park

  • “What level of accountability will officers have to the citizenry, either through the community policing board or directly through the chief and therefore to the citizens?”
  • “I don’t think that the system has worked. What happened on camera [with Rayshard Brooks] is indicative of when the cameras are not running or when someone walks away and is not beat up or killed. Where is that accountability when there is either an ethical or actual violation of law? How about the police department just says that our policy is public safety and that doesn’t entail everything they take on right now?”
  • “There is no trust. If a police officer comes to my door and I own my house, I’m not gonna let him in. In fact, I don’t want to talk to him. I’m much more like to say, ‘Go away.’ How about creating relationships with those of us in Adair Park, so those of us are more likely to recommend that our kids be a part of an organization like Police Athletic League?”
  • “This is the way that we feel. Every voice, everybody, every home matters. It matters.”

Read more on 11 Alive >

Request for Info from District 12 Council Member

June1, 2020
Council Member Sheperd (District 12):
On behalf of the Adair Park Neighborhood I am submitting a formal request for information:
1- As to what legislation you have, are initiating, or plan on supporting with respect to Atlanta Police Department personnel oversight.2- What legislation you are initiating or supporting with respect to police reform. Specifically POLICE REFORM not criminal justice reform.3- Other than data collection, do you support the outcry from your constituents looking for changes to the blanket immunity APD officers receive because of the doctrine of Qualified Immunity?4- If you would not introduce or support a legislative plan to introduce a bill that would end the prohibition of suing police officers, then please explain why not?
Your constituents are looking for leadership from you, so as the elected President of your constituents who live in Adair Park please respond directly to the 4 points above.
Lawrence Miller, PresidentAdair Park Today, Inc. 


June 2 5:55pm
 I received your request and will respond very soon. Joyce Sheperd.  Let me know if you need anything else

A message from the president

Dear Adair Park Family,
Between covid-19 and the racial unrest we see every day this has been and is a trying time for us. With covid-19 the neighborhood has banded tougher, reached out and in and are looking out for each other. It’s an incredible honor to be President and to see the love and caring being shared.

Adair Park was developed as an all white neighborhood that became, because of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, an historically Black neighborhood and is now an exceptionally diverse neighborhood of sexual orientations, cultures, and race.

We will not all agree on everything but we all agree that racism is an unacceptable evil that must be wiped out. I have read and listened to a significant number of conversations from and by our neighbors about their personal experiences with respect to the excesses of police brutality. There are also stories of police heroism.

Here is what I know about this neighborhood: When we can resume our porch parties we WILL knock on doors and make personal out reaches to our legacy neighbors. They have been here for decades and we WILL include them in our social activities. If they decide not to attend we will invite them for next time. Not making a personal one on one invite IS excluding them and I will not accept that. Your personal get togethers are your thing.

When we can again safely meet 1st Tuesday of each month we will knock on doors to invite neighbors. Please don’t say “we have to do better” and then continue with the old behaviors. That’s exclusionary. If you can’t understand this that’s OK. Do it anyway.

We are Historic Adair Park. We can do better so we will do better.

Love and Respect,

JLawrence Miller, President
Adair Park Today, Inc. 

You can reach the president at president@adairpark.com