Join Adair Park Today

Adair Park Today’s mission is to:

  • Unify the neighborhood
  • Help restore public works and services
  • Develop and implement long term plan for Adair Park

You can reach Adair Park Today by emailing one of our officers directly. We will return your email as soon as possible.

Our mailing address is:
Adair Park Today
PO Box 115200
Atlanta, GA 30310

Membership is open to anyone who lives, operates a business, or owns property in Adair Park. Membership allows for each member to vote on decisions regarding the future of Adair Park.

Individual membership: $12 a year
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Business membership: $50 a year
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Please contact our Treasurer at with membership questions. Seventy-five cents will be added to the transaction to cover processing fees.


We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm at Artlanta Gallery located at 645 Shelton Ave SW #1324, Atlanta, GA 30310.