Last Call for Sponsors – Adair Park I Playground!

We are beyond grateful to our amazing neighbors, donors, and sponsors (see below) for supporting the renovation of the playground in AP1! We are so close to finishing our fundraising for this project, so please make your final pledges or contributions by July 15th!

Based on our vendor, we expect to install the playground in September or October of this year. We will keep everyone updated – as we all know sometimes suppliers can be delayed and there is a labor shortage, so stay tuned!

If you would like to make a larger gift or pledge to the project, please email us at

Our friends at CreateATL have pledged up to $10,000 toward the playground *IF* three additional Adair Park small businesses contribute $2,500 each to the project. Thanks to La Bodega & J.Rich, we are almost there! We just need ONE MORE Adair Park Business to support at the $2,500 level to meet our goal.

If this is you, please email us today at!

Thank You to Our Sponsors!

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