Adair Park I – Court Refresh Project

SCAD Serve has offered to renovate the tarmac in Adair Park I and reinstall a basketball court with mural at no cost to Adair Park. You can learn more about SCAD Serve here:

The 2022 Parks Survey indicated that the majority of respondents want the tarmac in Adair Park I to be remain, but to be used and not left empty. The plurality of respondents wanted the space returned to a basketball court.

At the June Adair Park Today meeting, members voted to approve the project as a concept, but to vote on final design during July meeting.

The designs presented below are from artist, Alex Waggoner, Atlanta-based muralist. Please indicate which design(s) you prefer via the survey. Please note this is *not a final vote*. Based on the recommendations received here, they will be presented at the July Adair Park Today meeting, scheduled for July 5, 2022. You can become a member to vote at that meeting, or re-up your membership here:

NOTE: The designs for Adair Park 2 will be shared separately once SCAD Serve submits them to APT.

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