2022 Parks Survey

Important insight on green spaces and parks

Hello Park Friends,

This is to share that our 2022 Parks Survey is live! We would very much appreciate your feedback. This survey allows us to gain important insights and prioritize projects in our greenspaces and parks. It also helps us identify new volunteers and project leads to sustain the work.


We have several important questions on the survey, including feedback that Watershed Management needs to move forward on the AP1 Rain Garden Refresh and potential blacktop removal; renaming ideas for AP1 and AP2, and much more!

Please take time between now and April 15th to share your responses. Also if you can help get the word out/disseminate to neighbors we would be very appreciative! To that end, a graphic you may share is attached. 

Very best,


Elise Blasingame, Parks Chair

Adair Park Today


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