Muscogee Park at Brookline Triangle

Between January and February, neighbors were invited to submit feedback on the proposed new design for Brookline Triangle Park. Thanks to a grant from the Transformation Alliance, the park will be renovated with new seating, plantings and educational components recognizing this land as the ancestral homelands of the Muscogee Nation.

“As a neighborhood dedicated to racial justice, it’s important that we honor the fact that Atlanta, including Adair Park, and much of Georgia rests on lands that the Muscogee Nation stewarded and were forcibly removed from,” shared Elise Blasingame, Parks Chair. The Parks Committee and the Muscogee Nation have worked closely to design elements that will honor the culture and legacy of the Muscogee Nation, which is now based on reservation land in Oklahoma. Representatives from the Muscogee Nation will be with us during the April Adair Park Today meeting to discuss the meaning behind elements selected for the park. Any questions can be sent to

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