Check Out the AP1 Playground Renderings

Hello Neighbors! The team working to renovate the playground in AP1 has posted the renderings from the groups that submitted proposals in the small covered bench area by the playground during the last few weeks. The feedback they got was very helpful, and it seems this is the general rendering people liked the best. It has a large playscape for big kids, a smaller one for toddlers, a swing set bay and some shade elements to keep the playscapes cooler. We are exploring color options to fit the AP colors if possible. If you have feedback or questions, please email us at

Image of two play structures, one for young children and one for older children, with rails, slides, and climbing equipment, and set of four swings.
View of Both Play Structures and Swings
View of play structures showing slides, climbing steps, and twisted ladders for older children, and slides and playhouse for young children.
Close-up of Play Structures
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