Picnic & Live Mural Painting – June 5th

Mark your calendars and invite your neighbors! Adair Park is being gifted a mural by local artist George F. Baker III and SafeAuto. Join the artist and your neighbors for an afternoon of creativity and community. Come to Adair Park II on June 5th from noon to 2pm to see the mural in progress, and enjoy free food from La Bodega and music by Kebbi Williams. Find the event page on Facebook for latest updates.

The event is hosted by Muros, compliments of SafeAuto who have a mission to foster trust and keep communities safe. Their gift of this beautiful piece of art and community gathering represents and celebrates our collective values, beauty and compassion for one another.

Just bring a blanket or lawn chair and a neighbor to enjoy the day!

About the artist: This artist is a Nebraska-born, Detroit-grown, and Atlanta-raised creator. Using his instruments of design, illustration and production, he employs a playful spirit to engage the inner-child we all have. Currently, he is the Creative Director of Foster, a studio-collective striving to make people unafraid to play.

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