Request for Info from District 12 Council Member

June1, 2020
Council Member Sheperd (District 12):
On behalf of the Adair Park Neighborhood I am submitting a formal request for information:
1- As to what legislation you have, are initiating, or plan on supporting with respect to Atlanta Police Department personnel oversight.2- What legislation you are initiating or supporting with respect to police reform. Specifically POLICE REFORM not criminal justice reform.3- Other than data collection, do you support the outcry from your constituents looking for changes to the blanket immunity APD officers receive because of the doctrine of Qualified Immunity?4- If you would not introduce or support a legislative plan to introduce a bill that would end the prohibition of suing police officers, then please explain why not?
Your constituents are looking for leadership from you, so as the elected President of your constituents who live in Adair Park please respond directly to the 4 points above.
Lawrence Miller, PresidentAdair Park Today, Inc. 


June 2 5:55pm
 I received your request and will respond very soon. Joyce Sheperd.  Let me know if you need anything else

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