A message from the president

Dear Adair Park Family,
Between covid-19 and the racial unrest we see every day this has been and is a trying time for us. With covid-19 the neighborhood has banded tougher, reached out and in and are looking out for each other. It’s an incredible honor to be President and to see the love and caring being shared.

Adair Park was developed as an all white neighborhood that became, because of the Fair Housing Act of 1968, an historically Black neighborhood and is now an exceptionally diverse neighborhood of sexual orientations, cultures, and race.

We will not all agree on everything but we all agree that racism is an unacceptable evil that must be wiped out. I have read and listened to a significant number of conversations from and by our neighbors about their personal experiences with respect to the excesses of police brutality. There are also stories of police heroism.

Here is what I know about this neighborhood: When we can resume our porch parties we WILL knock on doors and make personal out reaches to our legacy neighbors. They have been here for decades and we WILL include them in our social activities. If they decide not to attend we will invite them for next time. Not making a personal one on one invite IS excluding them and I will not accept that. Your personal get togethers are your thing.

When we can again safely meet 1st Tuesday of each month we will knock on doors to invite neighbors. Please don’t say “we have to do better” and then continue with the old behaviors. That’s exclusionary. If you can’t understand this that’s OK. Do it anyway.

We are Historic Adair Park. We can do better so we will do better.

Love and Respect,

JLawrence Miller, President
Adair Park Today, Inc. 

You can reach the president at president@adairpark.com

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