Planning Meetings: Fall Festival and Tour de SWAT

We will be meeting at Matthew Garbett’s home, 1007 Allene, this Sunday, March 8th to plan two major events:

Fall Festival
Adair Park Today is hoping to support a large community event to take place in September or October of 2015. We will need many volunteers to organize and implement this event. This meeting will center around choosing a theme and subsequent tasks to make our first neighborhood festival a reality!

Tour de SWAT
This year’s Tour de SWAT will take place on May 9th. This committee is looking for volunteers to secure sponsorships, run refreshment tables and conduct outreach to advertise the event. Tour participants will bike through seven southwest Atlanta neighborhoods, visiting restored houses, renovations, city parks and other cultural attractions. Last year’s tour was a huge success!

Please contact Matthew Garbett if you are interested in joining the planning committees for either event:

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