Two New Local Restaurants!

Adair Park residents are always on the lookout for new places to eat. Whether it be healthy, ethnic, wings, burgers, fish, etc. – if it is near us, someone in Adair Park has checked it out!

Drink ArtFirst up is Drink Art in Castleberry Hill. Owner/Chef Shandon Anderson (yes, that Shandon Anderson of the UGA men’s basketball team and the Utah Jazz among other NBA teams) has opened this great spot about a mile and a half from Adair Park. Chef Anderson has made some Thai favorites all vegan – including some curries, Pad Thai and fried rice. Several neighbors have been and all report back that the food is delicious and reasonably priced! Check out their menu and stop by soon! Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday.

BartacoNext up is just Bartaco, which is just a little bit further down the road at less than 4 miles from Adair Park. It is located in the popular West Midtown district near 5 Seasons and Bocado on West Marietta Street. This new spot has established locations in New York and Connecticut, and already has plans to open others in Atlanta. Their menu features tacos, small plates and lots and lots of drinks. The patio is really nice and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. They have some great reviews on Yelp and it sounds like a great spot to eat. Check out their menu and stop by soon!

If you have any suggestions for a spot near Adair Park, send it to

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