Carver Community Grocery Store

The South Atlanta Marketplace and FCS Urban Ministries are looking take part of the thrift shop they currently run and turn it into the Carver Corner Market and bring fresh foods around the corner. Too much of South Atlanta is covered by expensive, unhealthy food options at local convenience stores. Traveling by foot or bus to a grocery store to purchase healthier options is a long trip for some and not possible for others.

The market has a plan in place that will read “We are a local market featuring a fresh selection of fruits, vegetables, and quality meats. Choose delicious and healthy food right here in your Carver neighborhood. Affordable produce and meat options for a growing community.

They have an “open the door” challenge grant in which they need to raise $1000 to receive the grant of $1000. This market would be about 2 miles from Adair Park and would be a great addition to South Atlanta! For more information, please visit the FCS community economic development website.

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