Saporta Report – Welcome to Adair Park!


Maria Saporta, long-time reporter in Atlanta writing for the Atlanta Business Chronicle as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, recently visited Adair Park as her son, David Saporta Luse, moved into our fair neighborhood. David was drawn here after meeting a few neighbors and falling in love with the house he purchased. Maria wrote a fantastic post about David’s move into Adair Park. She paints a great picture of our great neighborhood, one we all know to be true. She also asks a great question that many of our neighbors have asked – while the neighborhood is growing and revitalizing with the new Beltline development just around the corner – are we looking out for our longer tenured residents?

Read Maria’s story here –

This is a fantastic neighborhood and truly a gem in Atlanta that many residents love. Welcome to Adair Park David!

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