Murphy’s Triangle Update from Councilperson Shepherd

This was received from Councilperson Shepherd in reference to zoning changes in Murphy’s Triangle.


Many updates have been made in terms of the Murphy’s Triangle zoning. Since draft conditions were not ready for the July 9th ZRB meeting, Councilmember Sheperd would like to give the community MORE time to read over the proposed conditions.

 A NEW draft can be seen here – Draft Murphy Triangle District Conditions 07 10 2012. The REDLINE version shows changes proposed by the City of Atlanta Planning and Law department. Some of the proposed conditions weren’t allowable by City Code or state law. Other rationale has also been outlined.

Please read the attached draft and feel free to forward.

A special ZRB meeting will be held on August 23rd, 2012 to ensure that members of the community have a chance to provide input to the Murphy’s Triangle zoning recommendations.

The new timeline for community input is as follows:

  • July 17th; 6:00pm; Place TBD

A community meeting is to be held by Councilmember Sheperd to get all final comments on the draft conditions as edited and reviewed by the Office of Planning

  • July 19th; 7:00pm; NPU S Meeting

The NPU S community will have the opportunity to formally vote on these changes

  • August 13th; 7:00pm; NPU X Meeting

The NPU X community will have the opportunity to formally vote on these changes

  • August 23rd; Special ZRB Meeting (Zoning Review Board)

A special ZRB meeting will be held to discuss this issue for a formal vote

Please review the changes and plan to attend the July 17th to speak about the NEW draft as proposed.

The City of Atlanta will also have a formal response on the two parcels/businesses that had requested to be excluded from these rezoning efforts.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the Office of Councilmember Joyce M Sheperd.

Joyce M. Sheperd
Councilmember District 12
Atlanta City Council

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