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Murphy's Triangle
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For those that don’t know, Murphy’s Triangle is a large plot of land that borders Adair Park, Capitol View, Sylvan Hills and Oakland City. This area is one of the six areas targeted by the Atlanta Beltline as an economic development area. It is currently zoned I2 (heavy industrial) and the desire by City Councilperson Joyce Sheperd is to move it to I1. This is a departure from the eventual desired Mixed Use, but that is still in the eventual plans further down the road.

Why is this important? One, this borders Adair Park. Two, the affected NPUs are voting on this in their next meetings. Ours will be July 9th at the next NPU-V meeting. That is unfortunate, since due to the holiday our next Adair Park Today meeting is not until July 10th. So, adding as much information as I can here and asking that you read through it and attend the NPU-V meeting if possible. The meeting will be held in Adair Park.

Here is a post from Capitol View’s website about the move. It seems as though the move to I-1-C will keep a lot of the types of businesses we want out (junkyards, landfills, waste handling, etc.) and allow for retail, restaurants, etc. It will also lower the decibel level for businesses and help keep some of the historic buildings. Not to mention, Pirkle Recycling, the owners of the metal scrap heap seen from Metropolitan near RDA, owns over 20 acres back there. We don’t need another junkyard!

Here are four documents that provide more information:

  • map of the affected area
  • guide for some of the conditions proposed with the move from I2 to I1
  • Pages one and two of conditions proposed by NPU-S and Oakland City

If you have any further questions, please contact Jay Melton at If I can’t answer your question, I will find someone that can!

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