Calling all Adair Park local entrepreneurs!

Adair Park SignWe know there are a lot of local business owners and entrepreneurs in Adair Park. This is your chance! We started featuring neighbor-run businesses a few months ago in our monthly newsletter to promote these businesses and keep some money in the neighborhood.

Some people have brought up the idea of starting a group of local business people as a networking group. So far we have featured a candle maker, a home theater and security installation expert and an all natural chicken salad maker. We also have a master plumber, an electrician, a home efficiency consultant, a home painter, a real estate agent, a soap maker, a professional make-over artist, several Chefs, an etiquette and manners consultant, a video editor, graphic designers, artists and so much more.

We are looking for one individual to step up and organize this group to promote local businesses within Adair Park and amongst our neighbors. If anyone is interested, please write to Thank you!

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