Atlanta recognized as one of the least segregated cities in the US

In a recent article posted in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Census Bureau released results showing that black segregation in the US drops to the lowest in the century. Atlanta was recognized as one of the cities with the least segregated neighborhoods. The findings on segregation are partly based on a demographic index that tracks the degree to which racial groups are evenly spread between city and suburb.

Adair Park is a great example of diversity in Atlanta. Our small neighborhood is a melting pot with a variety in ethnicity, age, sexual preference, religious beliefs, political stances and other cultural differences. We even have a wide range of types of dogs and cats! This one of many reasons our residents love Adair Park and their neighbors. You can walk down any street in Adair Park, stop and talk to a neighbor you pass and get a different perspective on views you may have based on their background. Our desires to improve our homes, our neighborhood and our lives also bring our neighborhood closer together. Stop by an Adair Park meeting and see a microcosm of the city of Atlanta and the direction we are moving.

Atlanta Skyline

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